2022 GMB Gold Ring Championships - Branson Turf
2022 GMB Gold Ring Championships - Branson Turf
03/26/2022 - 03/27/2022 Branson, MO

March 26th - 27th, 2022
2022 GMB Gold Ring Championships - Branson Turf
Ballparks of America, Branson, Mo
9U - 14U, 2022 - 3 Game Min
A/AA and AAA/Major Divisions
(9U - 14U, $575)

14U and Above – 60 x 90 (14U Is Wood Bat Only @ Branson)
13U - 54 x 80
11U and 12U - 50 x 70
9U and 10U - 46 x 65
8U Kid Pitch - 40 x 65
7UM - 8UM - 8U Coach Pitch - 40 x 60

Teams Are Required To Sanction with GMB for the 2022 Season and Post Roster Online - Teams will be asked to sanction at checkout.
Game Balls Provided By GMB
Teams Are Expected To Provide Two Chasers/Team To Umps @ Ground Rules - Can Be Slightly Used
Umpires Will Start Game With Four Baseballs - Teams Are Expected To Chase Foul Balls or Provide Them
Schedules Released @ 10pm Wednesday Week of Tournament
Ballparks of America charges a daily gate fee - Adults - $5, Under 18 - $3
Ballparks of America Hotel Information
Teams playing in GMB events at Ballparks of America will be required to use EventConnect.
These are stay to play tournaments.

Gold Ring Championship Link

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For any assistance regarding changes to reservations or adding your player to the roster, please contact our Customer Success Team within the system through online chat, email support@eventconnect.io and phone 1-888-723-2064
Failure to use Event Connect for Hotel Reservations will result in a $400 Hotel Buy Out Fee - Which Would Be Due Prior To Being Scheduled For Your Branson - GMB Weekend

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